Sing with us

Would you like to sing with a small choir specialising in Renaissance music?

We practise from 7:30 – 9:00pm on Tuesdays at the Makers Workshop, the Arts Centre, and welcome new members!

You will need to have a good and true singing voice able to sing a vocal part with accuracy; the ability to read music; and, ideally, the ability to sight-sing.

To apply, email and come and have a chat with our Musical Director

Subscriptions are $60 per term or $240 per year.

Listen to some short samples of our repertoire:

Polyphony: The Long Day Closes – Arthur Sullivan with words by Henry F Chorley 

Chant: Salutis Humanae Sator – Ascension chant 

Fun Song: The Lobster Quadrille – Lucy Broadwood arranged by David O’Beirne, words by Lewis Carroll 

One thought on “Sing with us”

  1. Hi,
    I sang with Schola Cantorum briefly before the Chch earthquakes and relocated to Canberra in Australia to escape the ongoing shakes. My husband and I came back to Canterbury a year ago when the homesickness became greater than the fear of earthquakes! While in Canberra I sang with I Progetti, a small chamber choir specialising in Renaissance and Baroque music. I miss the choral experience, love early music and if Schola Cantorum has need of an extra soprano then I’d love to put my name forward.

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