Courtney HickmottMusical Director: Courtney Hickmott

Courtney is a born-and-bred Cantabrian, who is studying for her Masters in Music at Canterbury University. She recently returned to Christchurch after completing her MusB (Hons) in Performance and a BA in German and Linguistics.

Courtney is also a trained singer who has performed with New Zealand Opera, the Nelson Symphony Orchestra, Opera Otago, the Octagon Ensemble, the Christchurch Opera Club and City Choir Dunedin. However, her musical endeavours are now focussed on waving her arms in a (somewhat) metrical fashion and she is delighted to have been welcomed into Schola Cantorum as their Musical Director.  Previously, Courtney has been Director of Music at All Saints’ Anglican Church, Dunedin, and the Southern Youth Choir and she is currently still Choir Director at Columba College (Dunedin), mostly by courtesy of Zoom. This year, she is also conducting the Christchurch Youth Choir and is loving being involved once again with the Christchurch music scene and presenting a range of diverse concerts with her ensembles.

When Courtney isn’t at a rehearsal, teaching, or pursuing her personal singing performances, she can be found playing with her dogs or enjoying a hot chocolate while reading a good book.

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