Sheet music

Come Ye Blessed (aka Pitcairn anthem; arr. Emeleus)
Come Life, Shaker Life / Simple Gifts

Bach – 140 Chorale

Billings group (Africa, Bolton, Boston, When Jesus Wept, Chester)
Practice MP3 for parts

Ave Verum
Teach me, O Lord
All As a Sea (or parts: Soprano; Alto; Tenor1; Tenor2; Bass)

What is our life – Full Score (or parts: Soprano 1; Soprano 2; AltoTenor; Bass)
Practice MP3 for parts
Record of John

Handel – Zadok the Priest
Practice music for parts – offsite link

Hymns for Thanksgiving Day
305 Thanksgiving (Nun Danket) J. Crüger
307 Harvest (St George) Sir G.J. Elvey
308 Harvest (Wir Pflügen) J.A.P. Schulz
310 Harvest (Monkland) arr. J.B. Wilkes
350 Old Hundredth from Genevan Psalter

Josquin – Missa Pange lingua
edited text
chant version

Lullabies etc (Goodbye fare you well; All the pretty little horses)

Madrigals group (All as a sea (see also under Byrd for parts), The Andalusian merchant, The Lady Oriana)
Practice MP3s for parts

Mozart – Ave Verum K618

Padilla group (Exsultate Iusti; Stabat Mater; Missa Ego Flos Campi)
Exsultate Iusti
Stabat MaterPractice MP3s for parts
Tristis Est Anima MeaPractice MP3s for parts

Shanties group (All For Me Grog; Blow, Boys, Blow; Boston; Bound for the Rio Grande; Farewell to Grog; Roll the Cotton Down; She’s like the swallow;ShenandoahThe Feller from Fortune (Lots of Fish in Bonavist’ Harbour); The Banks of Newfoundland )

Shepherd – Elegy for a Fallen City

Spirituals group (Down to the river to pray; Down in the river; I’ll fly away; Five spirituals medley; My Lord, what a morning) Down To The River (Noia)Down In The River (McGeachy)Steal AwayI’ll Fly Away; Michael Row

Tallis – O Lord, Give Thy Holy Spirit

Te Rangi Pai – Hine e Hine (arr. Diane Cooper)
Practice MP3 for parts

Toch/Buckton – 26 Reasons to Love Canterbury

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