Music for a new-found land

  • 2pm Saturday 24th August at St Paul’s Presbyterian Church, Oxford St, Ashburton
  • 3pm Sunday 1st September at WEA, Christchurch

Part the first – Merrye olde England (sheet music for Byrd, Wilbye, Weelkes)
All As A Sea – Byrd
What is our Life – Gibbons (sheet music)
The Lady Oriana – Wilbye
The Andalusian Merchant – Weelkes

Part the second – New Spain (Mexico)
Tristis Est Anima Mea – Padilla (sheet music)

Part the third – Billings and the Great Awakening (sheet music)
When Jesus Wept – Billings
Boston – Billings
Bolton – Billings
Africa – Billings
Chester – Billings

Part the fourth – The dark side of exploration (South and East United States)
Blow Boys Blow (sheet music)
Shenandore (sheet music)
Down To The River To Pray – Noia (sheet music)
Steal Away – Willis (featuring Delia Hunt) (sheet music)
Michael Row The Boat Ashore – unknown (with cello, flute and guitar) (sheet music)

Part the fifth – Shaker songs – with dances (New Hampshire)
Simple Gifts
Come Life, Shaker Life

Part the sixth – Newfoundland Shanties (North Atlantic)
The Banks of Newfoundland – Forbes (sheet music)
She’s Like The Swallow – traditional (sheet music)
Feller from Fortune (sheet music)

Part the seventh – Shanties (Atlantic seafarers)
Roll the Cotton Down (sheet music)
All For Me Grog – traditional (sheet music)
Farewell To Grog – Schenk (sheet music)

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